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    Video: Inspiration from Kayaker Caleb Brousseau

    In 2007, Caleb Brousseau broke his back while attempting to do a backflip on his snowboard. Now paraplegic, he said there came a point where he was completely bored with his life and felt the urge to get outside and be active. A friend took him kayaking, and the rest in history.

    He is now a Class 4 kayaker and even took bronze in the Super G at the Sochi Paralympics. EpicTV recently released a feature video of Brousseau, who describes how the water is one of the only places where he feels truly free.

    “In the summertime this Terrace [British Columbia] native descends from the mountains and hits the whitewater…his only real difficulty is getting down to access points—steep terrain and wheel chairs don’t mix very well,” the video’s description reads. This is where his friends come in, helping him reach the river. “Caleb brings incredible positivity to anything he is doing, regardless of how difficult it may be. It’s this attitude that has seen him accomplish more than most able-bodied people can even dream.”

    Check out the video of him kayaking below:

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