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GoPro Captures Colorado River Rafting Trip

GoPro recently released a video on its YouTube channel of camera user Tony Fannin and his group of friends as they make their way down the chocolate milk-colored rapids of the Colorado River, located within Grand Canyon National Park.

The short film that summarizes their adventure—complete with footage of a rescue after one paddler went overboard—was shot with the HERO3+ camera. The views are varied, despite most of the filming done with a helmet mount, and the end of the video even features a helicopter ride.

Last month, GoPro announced it was seeking to raise $100 million in its initial public offering. In 2013, the company had a revenue of $985 million, which was an 87 percent increase from 2012. While the popularity of the cameras should come as no surprise, it seems revenue for 2014 isn’t doing quite as well as previous years. So far, there has been a 7 percent decrease compared to the same time frame from 2013.

To make up for decreased revenue and attempt to remain an appealing investment, GoPro has started to focus on other revenue outlets. “As of December 31, 2013, we had not derived revenue from the distribution of, or social engagement with, our content on the GoPro Network,” the company said in the IPO filing, according to the San Jose Mercury News. “However, we plan to pursue new revenue opportunities from the distribution of engaging GoPro content in the near term,” including the release of an editing software called GoPro Studio.

This software would allow consumers even more options when it comes to editing their GoPro-shot videos. Check out the rafting video below:

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