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    Video: Scientist Survives Fall Through 70-foot Crevasse on Mount Himlung

    While carrying out climate research on Nepal’s Mount Himlung on Monday, Western Kentucky University Professor John All fell through a 70-foot crevasse. Despite breaking his arm, five ribs, as well as dislocating his shoulder, he survived and is now sharing his story.

    Immediately after the fall, All turned on his camera to document the scene, even though he had yet to climb out and call for help. “I’m pretty well fucked…I fell through that hole, thankfully I didn’t keep falling that way,” he says while pointing the camera to the area of the crevasse below him. “I got trapped here instead, on this ledge. My arm, I can’t use. I have to somehow climb out that way,”

    Considering his location along with his broken bones, one mistake could have cost All his life. It took him about five hours to make his way out of the crevasse, but then he still had to make it back to the tent and call for an emergency rescue. Because of slow communication and oncoming darkness, he was not rescued until the following day.

    He posted about the experience on Facebook and called it “one of life’s hardest moments.” All went on to post a series of videos on YouTube from the incident, which can be seen below:

    All gave a Skype interview to Right This Minute following the ordeal, which can be seen below:

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