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    Video: Baby Snowboarder Shreds in Breckenridge

    At only 18 months old, Aspen Haight is well on her way to becoming a serious snowboarder. Taking on the mini-slopes of Breckenridge, Colorado, Aspen practices skills she learned shortly after she began walking.

    Her parents, Jill and Dominic Haight, are both competitive snowboarders and taught their daughter the sport at a very young age.

    “As soon as she could stand on her own and walk a few steps we had her on the board in the house without any bindings,” Aspen’s mom, Jill Haight, told “We pulled her around the house and she already had that balance down and sliding sideways.

    “We live in a ski town, so it’s just natural to get them out early. Most people put their toddlers on skis, but we’re both snowboarders so we just went ahead and got her a board.”

    Image courtesy of Ahodges7 on Wikimedia Commons

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