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    Woman Celebrates 85th Birthday with Skydive

    Skydiving is just one of the many extreme sports Backhouse loves.

    Lorraine Roberson is not your typical 85-year-old.

    To celebrate her birthday, she and 11 of her family members chose to jump together from great heights, which marked Roberson’s third skydive.

    “It feels absolutely lovely,” she told New South Wale’s Narooma News. “I love floating around out there, you can see everything.”

    Her first time skydiving was when she was in her seventies, and after that, she was hooked. She signed up for the thrilling extreme sport again to celebrate her 80th birthday. Her first jump was in Wilton in New South Wales, Australia, and her second jump was in Moruya.

    “Joining her on Saturday where 40 friends and family members who came from far and wide to help her celebrate,” the article stated.

    Roberson once again chose to dive with Skydive Oz in Moruya, where she and her family members jumped in tandem. 

    Last week, Skydive Oz was awarded $110,000 to create Extreme Sports Complex at the Moruya airport, where the company is already located. In would cater to 20 people at a time and expand beyond the skydiving and tandem skydiving that is currently available, although specific extreme sports were not revealed.

    The money for the complex came from an $8.5 million 2013 Round of the Federal Government’s Tourism Quality (T-QUAL) Grant that was dispersed to 89 recipients. According to the article, the grants in total are expected to bring in $27 million in tourist revenue.

    “T-QUAL Grants provide great support to help tourism operators, many of whom are small businesses, attract more visitors by ensuring products and experiences remain fresh, of a high standard, and support local economies and communities,” said Mike Kelly from the Division of Eden-Monaro, which is an electoral division in NSW.

    This project is geared toward people like Roberson who have an attraction to extreme sports.

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