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    Vero Vellini Marine Binocular Float Strap Keeps Your Optics Afloat

    Vero Vellini bionocular float strap.

    With boating season in high gear across the nation, it is important to remember to have life preservers aboard for your loved ones as well as your beloved optics. The Vero Vellini Marine Binocular Float Strap is the ideal flotation device to protect your binocular, waterproof camera, GPS, radio or other expensive handheld-device, should it accidentally go overboard. Don’t give up your gear to Davy Jones.

    Crafted of extra-thick Neoprene padding with safety-orange jersey material on either side, the Vero Vellini Marine Binocular Float Strap is easy to see if it goes overboard and easy to grab with hands or a hook, so your precious items can be brought safely back onboard. The 15mm-thick and 65mm-wide Neoprene strap is designed to keep afloat a 7×50 or equivalent-size binocular, camera or handheld item and it’s soft design  also feels exceptionally comfortable around the neck. The comfort of the Vero Vellini strap is extremely important after a long day in the sun.

    This boating season, be sure all your precious gear stays afloat with a Vero Vellini Marine Binocular Float Strap. Stop by a marine retailer near you to pick up one for each piece of your gear before you venture out on the water.

    Image courtesy Vero Vellini

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