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    Video: The Plastic Bottle Kayak Expedition

    What is the least expensive kayak you have ever bought? Or the most eco-friendly? Whatever your answer, these kids probably have you beat.

    In order to raise awareness of the overabundance–and neglect–of plastic in the environment, a group of 25 young adventurers from New Zealand decided to make a bold statement. The group created four functioning kayaks out of over 3,000 plastic bottles for a 100-kilometer expedition down the Whaganui River. The kayaks were constructed using old plastic bottles, portions of bamboo, and a large amount of plastic zip ties.

    Fortunately, all four kayaks emerged from the expedition relatively unscathed. It probably would’ve undermined the expedition’s message if a number of bottles ended up being fish chew toys.

    The group’s Facebook can be found here.

    Image screenshot of video by Seung-woo Hong on YouTube

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