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    Video: Skiing on Colored Snow

    It is interesting how something as common as snow can change with just a dusting of paint. Brothers Nicolas and Loris Falquet set out to change perceptions by blowing red, green, blue, and orange powdered paint over the slopes, creating a dazzling landscape of possibility.

    Dressed up in ski suits and armed with refurbished pesticide blowers, the brothers Falquet almost look like Ghostbusters fighting invisible snow pixies. Soon, the slopes were turned into a canvas of different colors and the skiers were eager to make their marks.

    It’s a little trippy.

    You can see the original video below:

    Interested in a behind-the-scenes look? For those of us who haven’t kept up on our French, captions are available.

    Image screenshot of video by Falquet bros AKA Huck & Chuck on Vimeo

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