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    Video: Seven-month-old Prodigy Shows Off Water Skiing Skills

    Move over Eden Covaciu, Ryder Blair is the newest toddler-athlete on the scene. At just seven months old, Ryder is water skiing his way to YouTube fame.

    In the video below, Ryder shows of his water sport skills by skiing around the shoreline of Lake Dyer in Queensland, Australia. While water skiing at such a young age may seem dangerous there is no need to worry, as Ryder is not being pulled by a boat and confines his antics strictly to shallow water.


    The video was originally uploaded to YouTube three weeks ago by Ryder’s mother, Tamara, but has only started gaining popularity in the last few days. This will not be Ryder’s only trip to the limelight, however: after getting some experience under his belt this season, Ryder plans to tackle being towed by a boat next summer at the much more experienced age of one year old.

    Video and image from Tamara Blair

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