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    Video: Skiers Attempt World Record Simultaneous Backflip

    Watching skiers do backflips on the slopes is impressive. Watching thirty skiers do a simultaneous backflip hand-in-hand is nothing short of amazing, as seen in the video below.


    The world-record attempt was performed at Mont St Sauveur ski resort in Quebec, Canada over the weekend. The group was organized by Canadian freestyle skiing world cup champion Mikaël Kingsbury, who was himself part of the attempt.

    The group trained for two hours before the stunt, back-flipping on the jump alone, in pairs, and in small groups before attempting it all together. The first attempt was unsuccessful, because the line broke when some of the skiers released hands. The angle of the slope being uneven on the two sides was cited as the culprit.

    The group made a second run at the world record however, and completed their world record backflip jump, as seen from another angle in the video below.


    Image and first video from Gregory Frechette Second video from vraimentcool

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