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    Video: Shark Steals Kayak Angler’s Catch of the Day

    Issac Brumaghim was fishing about two miles off Oahu, Hawaii in his 16-foot kayak when he hooked a nice mackerel,or Kawakawa, tuna. As he prepared to reel it in, an opportunistic shark rushed toward and slammed into Brumaghim’s kayak, stealing the tasty morsel in the process.

    “The shark made a circle, came around and ate the kawakawa under my boat, hit my kayak and then it kind of hit me what just happened and I had a reaction to that,” Brumaghim told WTKR. The angler is part of a fishing group called the “Aqua Hunters” and was participating in a tournament during the “theft.” He believed the perpetrator was a tiger shark, although he did not get a good look at the animal.

    The encounter only took seconds. After devouring the tuna, the shark swam around the kayak once and then departed. While Brumaghim admitted that while the experience frightened him a bit, he said it will not affect his fishing habits. In fact, he stayed on the water and managed to catch two more fish later in the day.

    “People may say that is foolish, but I see it all the time,” he said. “The shark is a part of the ocean, he is going to want fish. We’re in his domain so you just have to live with it.”

    The video is included below. It contains strong language.


    Image screenshot of video by Isaac Brumaghim on youtube

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