April Fools': Google Launches “Treasure Mode”

    Treasure hunters around the world took a deep breath as Google Maps released a surprise “treasure mode” in addition to application's list of features. After they exhaled and relaxed a bit, these same treasure hunters then collectively scratched their heads and wondered what exactly Google was getting at.

    According to a video released on their YouTube channel, the minds behind Google have somehow acquired a map that was confirmed to be penned by notorious pirate and rum connoisseur Captain William Kidd. In a show of unprecedented generosity, Google then scanned the map and released it online for the world to puzzle out. The map’s many clues can be revealed with different methods, some being more dangerous than others. The end goal is to find Captain Kidd’s long lost buried treasure.

    The mock feature was announced along with <a href="" target="_blank">Google Nose</a>, the scent-based search engine now in beta. Google also has a few bridges for sale in their online store.

    The announcement video is included below:


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