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    Video: Urban Skydiver Flies Between Buildings

    Norwegian wingsuit proximity flyer Jokke Sommer decided several years ago to sell his dirt bikes and enter the world of a more aerial sport. Whether BASE jumping or skydiving, this Red Bull-sponsored athlete always seeks to impress.

    Sometimes his need to thrill gets the better of him, and possibly common sense. Flying high above the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Sommer and fellow wingsuit flyer Ludovic Woerth jump from gliders high above the clouds and through the city until they pass between the Ventura Corporate Towers. The gap is just big enough to fit about two smaller-sized sedans lengthwise. At the speed Sommer was traveling, the slightest of errors could have caused a horrific accident. Thankfully, skill and preparation sees him safely through. Maybe the next installment in the Mission: Impossible series has found a star?

    The team admits that while they didn’t have permission from the city for the attempt, they did try to be considerate and avoid air traffic by flying earlier in the day.

    Image screenshot of video by JokkeSommerOfficial on youtube

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