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    Got a Story to Tell? Enter Husqvarna’s “Challenge the Impossible” Story Contest!

    Outdoorsmen and women, lend us your eyes–and your stories!

    Husqvarna’s Challenge the Impossible Story Contest wants to hear your tales of triumph and overcoming adversity in the great outdoors. All you have to do is submit a story that is 150 words or less along with a picture.

    Two lucky storytellers will win the hunting or fishing trip of a lifetime. The full rules and submission form can be found here, and a selection of the text is pasted below.

    Husqvarna is about Challenging the Impossible. Trailblazing through paths less travelled; inspired by the pursuit of the challenges we face ahead. This philosophy has led to a long list of pioneering innovations for efficient, professional outdoor power equipment. Resulting in products that give you the self-confidence and capability to tackle every challenge out there, to make the impossible possible.

    How did you challenge the impossible? Tell us your story. We want to hear from you on how you made the impossible possible by challenging it. Did you conquer an unruly lawn? Help neighbors or a community during a storm clean up? Climb Everest? Saved a green space? Entries do not have to be tied to the usage of a Husqvarna product (although we do love hearing stories where our product helped someone or was used).

    In 150 words or less and a photo submission, please tell us how you challenged the impossible.


    Prize Details

    Two (2) winners will be selected. Each recipient will have their choice of the following trips fulfilled through Outdoor Hub:

    Fall 2013 Deer Hunting OR Salmon Fishing Trip (Northern Michigan)


    Spring 2014 Steelhead Fishing or Turkey Hunting Trip (Northern Michigan)


    Fall 2013 Fishing Trip to world-class outdoors destination Pocahontas County, WV


    Spring 2014 Fishing trip to world-class outdoors destination Pocahontas County, WV

    What are you waiting for? Head to Husqvarna’s site and submit your story now!

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