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    New Flexible Cold-Fit Rub Rail Provides Seamless Finish

    Radial Rub Rail | ActionHub

    A professional-looking rub rail installation needn’t require multiple technicians or hours of work. Mate USA’s patented Radial Rub Rail is fitted cold, with no pre-heating necessary, in just a few simple steps to save owners time and money.

    The Radial Rub Rail installation begins with the application of a rigid duralene track, which is secured to the hull with screws or rivets. Because the track bends by hand in any direction, mounting requires no templates or special tools, even around sharp bends. The soft and supple PVC profile then snaps easily onto the track. Unlike every other rub rail on the market, Mate USA’s product is pliable without being heated.

    With the seamless rub rail pre-cut to size, there’s no waste and no gaps. Optionally, boat owners can install 316 polished stainless steel end caps for an elegant finishing touch on transoms and boat sides.

    The profile’s large outer surface provides maximum shock protection at all times. Black or white are standard color choices, with custom colors available through special order. A Mate USA Radial Rub Rail kit with 46′ of rub rail, seven bars of track, two end caps and one joint cap retails for $182.78.  52′ and 72′ kits are also available. More about this patented product and its installation is at www.youtube.com/tessilmare.

    Image courtesy Martin Flory Group

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