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    Michigan DNR’s Improvements to Campground Reservation System Will Mean Limitation on Advance Bookings

    In November 2013, the Department of Natural Resources will transition to a new, improved campground reservation system (CRS) that manages state park and harbor reservations. The new system has features that will ultimately enhance customers’ experience online and on the phone. Because the DNR’s current reservation system has varying lengths of time for advance bookings, customers may notice short-term impacts beginning next month.

    Reservations for lodging (such as camper cabins, mini cabins, rustic cabins, yurts and modern lodges) typically have a one-year window for advance booking. As the transition date for the new reservation system approaches, however, that advance-registration opportunity will shorten. Lodging reservations can be made in the current system, either online or through the call center, for stays through the end of October 2013. Reservations in the new system will be accepted beginning November 2013.

    When the DNR fully transfers to the new system in November 2013, the one-year window of advance registration for lodging will be restored. Customers will be informed as plans for the new system progress.

    “Our goal is to have a state-of-the art reservation system that matches the beauty and quality of our state parks and harbors,” said Denise Gruben, manager of the DNR campground reservation system. “We will make every effort to make this transition as seamless as possible for our customers while we move to this new system that will ultimately serve them better.”

    Camping and harbor slip reservations have a six-month advance reservation window and are not yet affected by the changeover. The window for these reservations will begin to shrink in May 2013 and will be accepted through the current system through the end of October 2013. Reservations in the new system will be accepted at the beginning of November 2013, when the six-month window for advance reservations will be restored.

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