Colorado's Chatfield State Park Hosts The Big Sit! October 14

    <a href="" target="_blank">Chatfield State Park</a>, in partnership with the Denver Field Ornithologists, will be hosting The Big Sit! this year on Sunday, Oct. 14 from dawn till dusk at the Heron Overlook. The International Big Sit! has exacting, loose and frivolous standards. From a l7-foot diameter circle, Sitters count any bird seen or heard or that scouts and beaters identify, providing a Sitter sees/hears it from the circle.

    Come for an hour in the morning, the afternoon or stay all day! Bring binoculars, field guides, water and snacks; bring chairs, breakfast, lunch, dinner. No registration is required and there is no fee for the event but an annual ($70) or daily ($8) Colorado State Parks pass is required. For more information contact The Audubon Society of Greater Denver at 303-973-9530 or <a href="mailto:[email protected]" target="_blank">[email protected]</a>.

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