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    “Gone With the Wynns”: Young Couple Sells Their Home and Travels the Country in an RV

    The Wynns (Jason and Nikki) aren’t your typical “full time RV’ers.” Its not all that unusual for a retired couple to live the recreational vehicle lifestyle, traveling from RV park to RV park and seeing the country. What makes the Wynns unusual is their age (both just 30) and the way they are financing their lifestyle.

    Modern RV parks provide their patrons with internet connections and the Wynns make do by writing articles for RV magazines, shooting videos, taking pictures for RV Parks around the country (Jason was a professional photographer even before the Wynns hit the road), and they’ve even started their own website, Gone With The Wynns.

    You can get to know the Wynns a little in this video, recorded as the Wynns rolled into Grand Strand, South Carolina.


    photo: screenshot from WPDENewsChannel15 via

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