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    Dig IN Shallow Water Anchors Now Available at Cabela’s Locations in United States & Canada

    Dig IN Anchors are now available in Cabela’s in the US and Canada.

    Dig IN Anchor’s CEO, Michael Grady, stated that he,”is pleased to add Cabela’s to our Retailer network. We are looking forward to making our Shallow Water Anchors more easily available to Sportfisherman and pleasure craft owners through our partnership with Cabela’s”.

    As of April 16th, 2012, Dig In Anchors is now available at Cabela’s throughout the United States and Canada. Ask managers for ordering details.

    The Dig IN Shallow Water Anchor is a pole style boat anchor. This (patent pending) product, is the perfect addition to any Recreational boat, bass boat, flats boat or shallow water skiff. Dig IN Shallow Water Anchors eliminates sand & mud mess, boat damage, anchor splash, wasted storage space, lake, stream or fish bed damage.

    Several models to choose from… 5″ Stern Offset Mount, 10″ Stern Offset Mount, Jack Plate Mount, Non-Jack Plate Transome Mount, 3″ Rise Bow Mount, 6″ Rise Bow Mount and the NEW Trolling Motor Mount. Mounts are available in a Chrome or Flat Black finish. White, grey, black or pink Anchor poles available in 8, 10 & 12 ft lengths.

    The Dig IN Shallow Water Anchor System is designed to work on any boat under 28 feet in length. Each unit is highly engineered with marine grade aluminum and manufactured to work everytime, all the time with a corrosion free finish.

    http://Dig-IN-Anchors.com are available starting at $233.00 much less than other systems which retail for over $1,600 plus installation.

    To become a authorized Dig IN Retailer, visit http://dig-in-anchors.com/Become_A_Dealer.html

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