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    Green Life Outfitters Launches in 2012 with Focus on Eco-Friendly Outdoor Products

    With a focus on providing customers with outdoor gear that is recycled, partially recycled and/or manufactured using less harmful processes on the environment, Green Life Outfitters, an outdoor retailer, launched their website in 2012.

    Although Green Life Outfitters offers a wide range of outdoor gear and equipment for camping, hiking, backpacking and more they are one of the few outdoor retailers that focus on eco-friendly, recycled products and offering products from manufacturers that produce products using less harmful processes on the environment.

    Green Life Outfitters says, “This is what sets us apart from the competition and with more and more eco-cautious customers are finding our selection just what they are looking for”.

    Green Life Outfitters slogan is “Live the Green Life”. As “green” in the outdoors represents life and eco-friendly, we encourage outdoor enthusiast to live a life enjoying everything outdoors while focusing on preserving and caring for the outdoor environment we all love to enjoy. To commit to living the Green Life and receive a FREE sticker (Sticker produced by Wind Power in Colorado) fill out the form at our website

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