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    Disaster Relief Supply Now Offers Marine and Multi-Purpose Rope

    Disaster Relief Supply is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, which presents a large market for commercial fishing, military, and recreational customers. Assorted rope is used for numerous work and leisure activities in the area, and a proficient selection is hard to come by locally. “We saw a demand for rope that wasn’t being met effectively by local retailers,” says Mike Fisher, Manager of the Destin, FL emergency preparedness store, “Marina’s and boat shops are shutting down left and right, and many consumers are left spending big bucks driving long distances to find a few feet of good rope”.

    In choosing the proper supplies, the management at Disaster Relief Supply turned to local contractors and commercial fisherman. Outside of general use cordage, they acquired rope of specific strengths and dimensions that meet requirements for safely restraining a variety of boats. In the event of a strong tropical storm or hurricane, these kinds of special-use marine rope become increasingly important, and increasingly difficult to find. For this reason Disaster Relief Supply is selling a majority of their rope both by the foot, or by the spool.

    Along with rope, Disaster Relief Supply offers a large amount of tarps and tie-downs. This combination of products is meant to add to their one-stop storm preparedness shopping appeal. They also have reached an agreement with their main wholesaler to provide rush shipments in times of an emergency such as a flood, tornado, hurricane, or other disaster.

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