Carl Zeiss Vision Partners with Rob Dyrdek’s IVI Eyewear Brand

    IVI, a new brand of action sport fashion eyewear that will hit stores in the spring, has announced that it is partnering with Carl Zeiss Vision to be  its lens supplier. IVI was launched by skateboard mogul and television star Rob Dyrdek, CEO of Fox Head Inc. Pete Fox and designer Jerome Mage.

    Original press release issued by IVI on April 2nd, 2012:

    IVI today announces an historic agreement in the action sports lifestyle eyewear category, completing an exclusive supplier arrangement with CARL ZEISS VISION SUNLENS to provide all lenses for IVI sunglasses.

    IVI, created through the combined vision of founders Rob Dyrdek, Pete Fox, and Jerome Mage, bridges the gap between action sports/street cultures and luxury fashion eyewear. Featuring timeless styles with modern applications, premium materials and construction techniques, IVI sought out the leader in precision optics to complete an unparalleled product offering.

    With ZEISS, consumers can rely on over 165 years of experience and leading innovation in different fields of optics. This is why astronauts, Google Earth, Nobel Prize laureates and Hollywood directors place their trust in ZEISS optics. Since 1912, that expertise has been in every pair of precision eyeglasses lenses ZEISS manufactures, for 100 years of better vision.

    The ZEISS sunlenses fitted in IVI sunglasses have been tested in order to achieve both advanced protection from the sun’s rays and optical perfection. Through the exclusive ZEISS qualification procedure, the ZEISS laboratory analyzes each model in order to ensure the lenses’ optical excellence, visible by an engraved Z on each lens.

    “IVI has created an incredibly interesting brand that not only excites us, but allows ZEISS sunlenses to provide the most quality optics experience to a new set of consumers.” Pietro Speroni, Global Commercial Director, Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens.

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