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    Adventure Medical Kits Supports American Hiking Society

    American Hiking Society is proud to announce its new partnership with Adventure Medical Kits. In its role as a sponsor of National Trails Day, Adventure Medical Kits joins other leading outdoor manufacturers and retailers in supporting American Hiking Society and its efforts to promote and protect America’s hiking trails, their surrounding natural areas, and the hiking experience.

    “We are very happy to build this great partnership with Adventure Medical Kits,” commented Gregory Miller, President of American Hiking Society. “The company’s name is synonymous with safety on the trail, and their products are important for ensuring that hikers are properly equipped and well prepared for their outdoor adventures.”

    American Hiking Society has recently launched an expanded public awareness effort to promote safer enjoyment of outdoor adventures, and part of the message is that every hiker should be outfitted with the10 Essentials of Hiking. American Hiking Society’s 10 Essentials list includes: 1) appropriate footwear; 2) map & compass/GPS; 3) extra water and a way to purify it; 4) extra food; 5) rain gear and extra clothing; 6) safety items: fire, light, and a whistle; 7) first aid kit; 8) knife or multi-purpose tool; 9) sunscreen and sunglasses; and 10) a daypack or backpack.

    Adventure Medical Kits, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tender Corporation Inc., is the world leader in innovative first aid and outdoor survival gear that help people enjoy safe outdoor adventures. Co-designed with top emergency, outdoor, marine and travel medicine experts, Adventure Medical Kit’s activity-specific products are specially designed to prevent and treat common injuries and ailments that occur during outdoor activities, mountaineering, hunting, sailing, hiking or traveling the world. Many of the kits follow Adventure Medical Kit’s unique Easy Care system, which organizes hospital quality supplies into injury specific compartments, allowing the novice or pro to quickly and confidently administer first aid.
    Additionally, to help hikers further enjoy the outdoors, the company markets a wide range of bug repellants and bite treatments, such as Ben’s and Natrapel insect repellents and the world-famous After Bite.

    “At Adventure Medical Kits, our goal is to help you enjoy the outdoors safely,” commented Adventure Medical Kits’ President Chris Gubera.   “Without trails to explore, that goal doesn’t mean much – that’s why we’re happy to join up with American Hiking Society to help keep your favorite trails safe and fun for anyone to enjoy.”

    As part of Adventure Medical Kits’ generous support of National Trails Day, the company will provide product samples for inclusion in the National Trails Day kits being assembled by American Hiking Society. These kits contain a wide variety of outdoor gear and supplies donated by American Hiking Society’s partners, and the kits are used by National Trails Day event organizers to reward the volunteers who participate in their events.

    “The products donated by Adventure Medical Kits are an excellent addition to the lineup of other equipment that we’ve received for the kits,” commented John Michels, Trail Programs Manager for American Hiking Society. “We are happy to make such high-quality items available to the organizers of National Trails Day events, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.” The National Trails Day kits will be available for pre-order at on April 1, 2012.

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