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    Austin Canoe and Kayak Launches New Logo and Brand Message

    Outdoor retailer, Austin Canoe and Kayak (ACK), today announced the official launch of their new ACK logo and tagline “Outfit Your Adventure” to support the company’s expansion as an all encompassing outdoor adventure retailer.

    The launch of the logo and tagline was facilitated by the company’s product expansion as a result of customer demand. It further re-emphasizes ACK’s commitment to all facets of outdoor adventure including but not limited to paddling, camping, hiking, trekking and climbing.

    “We love our kayaks and canoes and they will always remain a core focus for us but naturally, we have evolved to support all outdoor adventure,” said Roland Jimenez, Director of Marketing, “the time for us to better reflect this evolution through a unified message is here.”

    ACK CEO Peter Messana, who initiated the logo concept said, “We wanted something fresh, new and more relevant to what our customer’s interests are and I believe we’ve captured that both visually and verbally.”

    The tag line was a result of an internal contest won by ACK President, Steve Messana. The transition will take place throughout spring of 2012 as part of a bigger effort to continue the expansion. The logo can be seen live on the ACK website at www.ACK.com.

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