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    Gibbon Slacklining Pro Tour Comes to Winsted, Connecticut

    Winsted, CT Oct. 20, 2011 – Gibbon Slacklines has been rapidly growing a business and a sport simultaneously. In efforts to continue this pattern they have launched several Pro Tours nationwide and are soon making a stop in Winsted, CT.

    Morsel Munk (70 South Main, Winsted, CT) will host the team for a slackline clinic on Saturday, 10/29/11 from 10am until 3pm in East End Park (the center green) on Route 44 in downtown Winsted, CT. The green is .2 miles west of Morsel Munk, next to Northwest Connecticut Community College.

    Gibbon sponsors pro slackliners to travel the country introducing and teaching the sport of slacklining.  In 2010 the Pro Team covered 46 states and hosted nearly 300 clinics at no charge for the public.

    The company firmly believes that this is a unique sport that will only gain in popularity once the word is out.  The activity is mainly a balance skill, but takes core strength, focus and lower body strength to master.  Slacklining is a cross training tool used by many athletes, but is also a fun activity and sport of its own.

    Slacklining has been gaining support and Gibbon is now available in a large number of retailers nationwide making the sport accessible to the masses.  The company invites all ages and ability levels to attend a clinic to explore this emerging sport and fitness trend.

    “Every time I am out slacklining people gather around and ask what I am doing and how they can get one,” says Pro Team member Hayden Nickell, “and now we are showing them.”

    Gibbon has recognized that getting the word out is the key to success and therefore has implemented a strategy to address sport and community building.  The company has also begun to build slackline parks as another avenue of exposure and has seen great success thus far.

    “Once people see how easy it is to set up and use they can’t wait to have their own.  It is the perfect blend of fun and fitness and quickly becomes addictive,” notes Gibbon USA president, Ricardo Bottome.

    For more information about Gibbon or the sport of slacklining, visit or for tour stops visit Location Schedule. For more information about the Morsel Munk event, visit the Morsel Munk website.

    About Gibbon

    Slacklining is the basic act of walking across a length of webbing stabilized between two fixed anchors (commonly trees).  This backyard activity has branched out to include yoga moves, jump tricks, and even aerial acrobatics with Gibbons’ unique 2” style line.   The kit includes a simple ratchet tensioner making it easy to use and was developed in Stuttgart, Germany.  Canaima Outdoors is the exclusive North and South American Distributor and is located in Boulder, CO at 2450 Central Ave Suite G.  To contact, phone (303) 443-0163 or email [email protected].  Media contact [email protected] or access the media kit via the website.

    About Morsel Munk

    Morsel Munk is all about feeding your inner child and supporting a healthy and active lifestyle. Founded in 2007, Morsel Munk is a store for casual outdoor enthusiasts, for people who like to stretch their minds and build creativity, and, most importantly, for people who want to be young at heart — special emphasis on the young at heart part. Co-owners Scott and Brigitte Rouleau are expert “Big Kids,” and love to share their unending enthusiasm for life with as many people as possible.

    Morsel Munk’s trademark apparel is focused on retaining a childlike enthusiasm for life. Their Chik apparel line places special emphasis on building, and reinforcing, confidence and self-esteem in young girls and women.

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