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    Fuel System Locks Help Prevent Boat Gas Theft

    With prices soaring, petroleum is more than ever “liquid gold.” Like other valuables, fuel tanks should be kept under lock and key. Perko makes it easy to retrofit a sturdy locking mechanism in the majority of their 1-1/2″ vented and non-vented fills.

    The black plastic 0525 Fuel System Locking Insert comes with a high-strength zinc alloy lock cylinder. When slid into the fill, spring action retracts the cams, which then lock onto the hose bib once the device is fully inserted. A handy dual purpose key opens the protective metal fill cap and operates the lock. Installation is easy, usually with no tools.

    Removing the 0525 is simple. The key is inserted and turned counter-clockwise 90°. The locking cams retract, holding the key in place, which is then used as a handle pull.

    For non-vented fills, Perko’s 1324 Fuel System Locking Cap also is easy to install without tools. This one-piece black plastic insert with gasket has a built-in lock cylinder and replaces the standard fuel cap. Its two models fit fills with outside thread diameters of 1-7/8″ or 1-15/32″. Two keys are supplied.

    Suggested retail price for both the Perko 0525 and 1324 Fuel System Locks is $32.

    Contact Perko, 16490 Northwest 13th Ave., Miami, FL 33169. 305-621-7525; Fax: 305-620-9978. [email protected]; www.perko.com.


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