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    Oliso Introduces their New Outdoor Series Oliso PRO VS97AVacuum Sealer


    San Francisco – Oliso®, the creator of user-friendly and innovative appliances introduce their all-new Outdoor Series Oliso® PRO™ Vacuum Sealer. The frustration is over as the Outdoor Series OlisoPRO Vacuum Sealer fills the void of rugged, reliable vacuum sealers for the outdoorsman.

    The OlisoPRO provides answers to one of the biggest challenges hunters, fishers and sportsmen are up against…room in the freezer! The OlisoPRO condenses food down to its bare minimum by utilizing airtight storage with professional grade vacuum strength. The sleek, compact design makes it easy to pack for the campsite or on your hunting or fishing trip, giving you the option of sealing your fresh-catch or wild game on-site.

    The Dual Seal Freshkeeper™ Technology is the most advanced system available for achieving a perfect seal with moist or dry contents. Simply place the reusable Vac-Snap bags into the OlisoPRO and let it will Punch, Vacuum and Dual Seal with one easy step! The status indicators take the guesswork out of producing the perfect airtight seal. The OlisoPRO Vacuum Sealer is equipped with an advanced function for moist or dry food, as well as a separate precision vacuum control for delicate foods. The high-grade non-porous silicone gasket prevents food contamination which can occur in conventional vacuum sealers containing foam gaskets. As an additional feature, the universal accessory port enables the sealing of pantry bags, wine, olive oil, mason jars and more. The OlisoPRO contains a dual motor system where independent motors are used for the vacuum and punch-and-seal mechanism. This commercial grade sealer is made from durable components that can withstand the rigors of today’s outdoorsman. The easy-to-use unit is fully automatic; simply insert the bag up to the allotted line and it will automatically start and stop.

    The OlisoPRO revolutionary punch-and-seal process saves time and money as well as eliminates package cutting, reducing waste and overall cost of sealing bags. The reusable Vac-Snap bags are available in quart, gallon and soon to be released, new jumbo size . The double zippered bags are dishwasher-safe and are reusable up to 12 times with full capacity vs. traditional methods of cutting and resealing bags, thus reducing overall bag capacity. The heavy-duty Vac-Snap bags can be used for microwaving, simmering and sous-vide cooking.

    The OlisoPRO Vacuum Sealer is highly versatile, compact and rugged built as it is designed for repeated heavy-duty use and includes a water-resistant carrying case and both the AC and 12V DC Car adapter, for in the field or at home use. The superior performance of the OlisoPRO is backed by the industry’s only extended 3-year limited warranty, ensuring satisfaction for many years of use. See for more innovative products and accessories.

    Features of the Oliso® PRO™:

    • Newest Dual Seal
    • Fully Automatic
    • Dual Motor system
    • Re-closable/re-usable bags
    • Extended 3 year warranty
    • Seals both moist and dry foods
    • Precision control to protect delicate items
    • Status indicators take out the guesswork
    • Accessory port for bottles, jars and canisters
    • High-capacity, removable drip tray
    • Compact countertop/travel design
    • Heavy-duty double zipper for easy access
    • Multi-layered bags keep fresh in and air out
    • Commercial quality, heavy duty
    • Dishwasher-safe bags, reuse up to 12 times
    • For microwaving, simmering and sous-vide cooking
    • Prevents freezer burn

    Included in starter kit: OlisoPRO Vacuum Sealer, Flexi Tube, Zip-Disc, 2 Quart Vac-Snap bags, 1 Gallon Vac-Snap bag, 1 Medium Pantry bag, 1 12V DC Car Power Adapter

    Other uses of the OlisoPRO Vacuum Sealer:

    • Vacuum Sealing clothes to compress into backpack to save/allow space
    • Vacuum Sealing first aid kits
    • Vacuum Sealing survival gear (matches, flashlights, etc.)
    • Vacuum Sealing items for waterproofing (cameras, cell phones, GPSs, etc.)
    • Vacuum Sealing emergency food rations for extended hunts or emergency situations

    Visit us at the following shows:

    • ICAST Show in booth # 1457
    • Outdoor Retailer booth #PV387

    About Oliso: The driving force behind Oliso’s design and engineering is attentiveness to users’ needs and developing functionality that simplifies daily life. Their team of researchers, designers and engineers spend thousands of hours observing people, developing prototypes and conducting extensive user testing before creating a final product. Oliso’s patented-protected technologies are designed to offer users with simpler solutions than what is currently available in the market.


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