Muzzy’s 125 and 75 Grain MX-3s

    MX-3 125-grain

    You’ve asked for a super-compact 3-blade broadhead, and Muzzy has delivered with a Bone Bustin’ duo. New for 2011, Muzzy’s 125 grain and 75 grain MX-3s may be compact, but they pack a giant punch.

    These new MX-3s provide the hunter with the ultimate selection of weights paired with Muzzy’s rock solid 3-blade design in an ultra-compact build.

    Muzzy designed this lethal combination to use the same blade in both broadheads, but to use different ferrule materials. The gold 75 grain MX-3 features an aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule, and the silver 125 grain MX-3 is designed with a steel ferrule.  Both models boast the same Muzzy Trocar Tip, fixed-blade accuracy and dependability that hunters have come to rely on season after season.

    The new MX-3s feature .025″ thick blades and a 1 3/16″ cutting circle (3/16″ wider than Muzzy’s standard 75 grain), not to mention, they are 3/16″ shorter than the already compact 100 grain MX-3.

    Don’t be fooled by the compact stature of this gruesome twosome. Both models pack all of Muzzy’s legendary “Bad to the Bone” power into their ultra compact designs while increasing accuracy and minimizing wind plaining at high speeds.

    MX-3 75 Grain Specifications:

    •1 3/16″ cutting diameter – 3/16″ more than the standard 75 grain

    •.025″ blade thickness

    •Ultra compact design

    MX-3 125-Grain Specifications:

    •1 3/16″ cutting diameter

    •.025″ blade thickness

    •Ultra compact design

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