Gypsy Moth Treatments Scheduled

    Aerial treatments to disrupt the mating process of gypsy moths are scheduled for several sites in Adams, Grant, LaPorte, Marshall, Miami, Porter, St. Joseph, Starke and Wabash counties.

    Treatments start on June 22 and continue through June 24. If inclement weather prevents or stops a treatment, it will resume on the next suitable day.

    Earlier, residents in the treatment areas received a postcard from the DNR stating mating disruption treatment is scheduled for the week of June 20. Actual treatment dates depend on weather and treatment operations in Ohio. The treatment planes start in Ohio then move to Indiana.

    As the treatment process occurs, additional updates on the planned treatment dates will be made by news releases and on the DNR Entomology website ( and Twitter (!/Indnrinvasive). Maps of the areas to be treated and other pertinent information can also be found on the website.

    Successful application of treatment depends greatly on the absence of high winds or rain. Treatment starts in the early morning and continues until completed or stopped by weather.

    One or more low-flying aircraft will treat the sites; however, residents may see other airplanes. An observation plane flies above the treatment planes for safety.

    The treatment poses no health threat to people, pets, livestock or other animals. Washing vehicles with soap and water removes any flakes.

    Anyone with questions may call toll-free at 1-866 NO EXOTIC (1-866- 663-9684).


    Phil Marshall, state entomologist, (317) 232-4189; cell (812) 595-2740; Marty Benson, DNR assistant director of communications, (317) 233-3853.

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