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    Nevada Man Finds GO and $15,000 in Gear Hidden Near the Golden Gate Bridge

    SylvanSport’s Find the GO event came to a dramatic conclusion last week in San Francisco, as everyone anxiously awaited the release of the final clue. Adventurous-minded participants traveled from thousands of miles away and put every fiber of their wit to use, to act upon the clue and find the location of the gear that had been known only to the SylvanSport team since early April.

    Neil Sonerholm of Pahrump, NV traveled 570 miles over 9 hours to claim the first place gear package that included the SylvanSport GO, a Niner Air 9 mountain bike, two Emotion Kayaks, racks from Yakima and much more. Second and third place contestants were mere seconds behind to claim additional gear from SPOT, Black Diamond, Kelty, KEEN, and Grand Trunk Goods.

    As last week’s event revealed, the GO and all the gear was secretly hidden under tight security and darkness in an 80 year-old storage shed behind the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, near the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. Neil spent the entire night scouting the area, to get as close as possible and prepare for that final clue release.

    The event in which thousands participated and followed the online clues and coordinates, drew dozens of excited people from all over North America to San Francisco in the days leading up to the final clue. Second place winners, Brian and Liam Brazell of Fresno, CA (a father and son team) took home an Emotion kayak and other gear commented, “This was the most fun, exciting contest that we have ever seen! It allows anyone to feel as if they are on the Amazing Race.”

    After the SylvanSport GO and gear were found, Oskar Blues Brewery and Roaring Mouse Cycles hosted a party for all. Participants from as far away as Denver and Minneapolis shared their stories and tactics for success in this incredibly unique event that SylvanSport created to blend adventure across both the online and real worlds.

    Visit to see a video recap of the events, and follow the progress of SylvanSport’s next adventure. For more information on SylvanSport or this event, please visit or contact Tom Dempsey or Kyle Mundt at (828) 883-4292 or [email protected]


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