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    Great Tips for Avoiding Bears While Hiking

    avoiding bears

    Although bears are magnificent creatures, you really do not want to run into them on your hiking adventures, especially if you do not have any bear spray on you. Here are some great tips for avoiding bears, which could just save your life.

    Do not go in areas where there is a high bear population

    This may seem like common sense. However, many people do not take the time to research what the bear population is like where they plan to go hiking. You should do some research before you go to try to get an understanding for how large the bear population is. You can call the park service for the park you plan to hike in and ask them if you can’t find the answers on Google.

    Avoid bear food

    If you see or smell a dead animal carcass somewhere near the trail, do not go to investigate it. Doing so will dramatically increase your chances of encountering a bear. Instead, avoid dead animal carcasses or anything else that you think could make for good bear food.

    Avoid hiking at sunset and sunrise

    These are the times of day when bears are the most active. So, if possible, try to schedule your hikes for the middle of the day. If you can do this, you will reduce your chances of encountering a bear.

    Make noise on the trail

    Believe it or not, bears can get scared from loud noises. So, while you are on the trail, you should talk loudly, sing, or bang on your pots and pans from time to time if you are carrying them. A loud whistle is also a good thing to carry on you.

    Do not leave garbage on the trail behind you

    Garbage attracts bears. Instead of leaving it behind you, pack it up very tight inside plastic containers that will conceal the smell.


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