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    How to Poop in the Woods (and Leave No Trace)

    How to Poop in the Woods (and Leave No Trace) | ActionHub

    Pooping in the woods doesn’t have to be a painful and uncomfortable experience. As funny as the subject might be, it’s actually something worth talking about. Especially when there has already been at least one serious wildfire caused by a cyclist who was keen to destroy the evidence. Unfortunately, it turns out he destroyed a lot more than just his poop, causing a 73-acre fire.

    The world is becoming more and more conscious about backpacking, hiking, camping, and well… pooping without leaving a trace. We don’t blame anyone for this either, given that poop can be unpleasant to look at and unhygienic to leave lying around. If your poop sneaks its way into the water stream, it can cause a plethora of nasty diseases.

    Here’s how to do it and leave no trace.

    Find Your Spot

    It is important to firstly be considerate of those who will be following in your footsteps. Even if you’re finding a place just off the path, unless it’s a good distance then the chances are that someone will find themselves there, possibly for the same reason.

    Aim to find a spot at least 200 feet away from the path, campsite or water source. Furthermore, if you’re camping for several days (and with a group of people) then don’t just keeping heading back to the same spot to poop, find a new place and spread them out.

    Choose a Disposal Method

    There are a variety of different ways you can choose to dispose of your poop, rather than just leaving out for the next person to stumble across.


    In order to avoid contamination, choose a spot at least 200 yards from any water source. With a small trowel or shovel, dig a hole around 6 inches deep. As you dig, keep the soil and earth you dig up just to the side of the hole to cover back up. You shouldn’t bury anything else other than your poop and white, unscented toilet paper which will degrade.

    Pack it Out

    You should choose this method if you’re in an area with a sensitive environment i.e. a canyon or somewhere you have to legally carry your poop with you. The best way to nail this method is to treat it like your dog poop and bag it after you’ve done your business. If you need to carry it for a while, then it is best to carry it in a sealable bag.

    Sun Dried Poop

    This definitely isn’t the prettiest method, but sometimes it is the easiest option when you have nowhere to bury it and nothing to pick it up with. You’ll likely only choose this method if you have to poop on rocky terrain. For this, smear your poop with a rock, leaf or stick onto a rock which is being exposed to the sun. Try to spread it thinly and the idea is that the UV will sterilize it. Yes, we didn’t this method was the most pleasant.

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