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    5 New Year’s Resolutions to Help Get You Outdoors

    2016 has been and gone. That was quick, wasn’t it? For many of us, the holidays are about recharging the batteries, enjoying time with the family, and reflecting on the past year. And with the latter comes the inevitable: making New Year’s resolutions. For those of us who would love to spend more time outdoors, we’ve put together a set of (realistic!) resolutions that will help you brush away the cobwebs and get you outside.

    Join a Team or Group

    Going at it alone isn’t always the best way of doing things. People thrive in groups, and when it comes to outdoor activities, it’s no different. Instead of having to find your motivation on your own, why not join a team?

    There are plenty of outdoor sports out there, and each one will undoubtedly have an organization you can join. Being part of a group will help drive your motivation, improve your social life, and you’ll ensure you get yourself outside. No excuses!

    Make Solid Plans (and Stick to Them!)

    Life in the modern world can often end up being about lost opportunities. For many people, the grind of the rat race will mean that 2018 will be here before they know it. Want to avoid being one of them?

    To make sure you enjoy the amazing outdoors that the world has to offer, make concrete plans and stick to them. That means booking tickets, telling HR that you’re taking time off well ahead of time, and switching off your emails once you get there.

    Don’t let those dreams of adventure pile up only to realize you never made time to make them happen. Life is short; so make a concerted effort to squeeze in the good stuff!

    Ride Your Bike to Work

    This one may not be suitable for a lot of commuters, but if you have the opportunity, it’s worth riding your bike to work. It won’t just get you that fresh air you’re looking for, but it also comes with added benefits.

    You’ll be surprised by just how much your base fitness will improve by including a bike ride as part of your routine. Instead of having to squeeze in time for a workout during your busy working week, you’ll get a fantastic workout as standard.

    Not only will riding a bike to work reduce your waist size, but it will also help with waste (sorry, corny pun intended!). If emissions are important to you, swapping your 4×4 for a two-wheel is not a bad way to reduce your footprint.

    Volunteer at a National Park

    Many New Year’s resolutions are all about ‘me’: losing weight, exercising more, or quitting those pesky cigarettes. While working on yourself is a positive thing, why not make at least one of your resolutions about helping others?

    Volunteering at a nature reserve or national park won’t just give you the satisfaction of helping out, but you’ll get a lot more with it as well:

    • Improving your fitness – some volunteering opportunities will give you a serious workout!
    • Fueling your brain through knowledgeable park rangers and staff
    • Enjoying the outdoors – the USA has some fantastic parks throughout the country, why not take advantage while doing your bit?

    Run a Marathon

    Marathons are incredibly popular these days and it’s not difficult to see why. Running gets you an incredible workout, helps in improving muscle tone, has been shown to act as an anti-depressant, and gives many a fantastic platform to socialize. So swap your gym kit and put your running shoes on instead!

    Even if you consider yourself relatively fit and healthy, tackling a marathon will take things to that next level. For those of us at ActionHub that have managed to finish one, it’s an exhilarating experience. And it’s not just the race itself, but the rewards of everything that leads up to it.


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