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    4 Tips for a Comfortable Night in a Car

    If you’ve ever gone on a road trip and thought you’d rough it for the night to just sleep in your car, then you’ll have experienced just how uncomfortable it can be. Even if you’re lucky enough to have space to get the back seats folded down, you’ll still be left stiff and limping in the morning.

    Whether it’s a buckle digging into you, or even the cold creeping in the windows, camping for a night in a car isn’t the easiest.

    That said, camping in your car can be hugely convenient and it’s also a great way to save money, rather than stop over in a guest house. Further, it gives you an incredible sense of adventure. Here are 4 tips to successfully camp in your car.

    Pack the Essentials Only

    There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep in a cramped car. If you pack your car, then leaving sleeping in it as an afterthought, you’ll never leave yourself enough room to sleep comfortably.

    Depending on what your journey is, aim to only pack the essentials and arrange it in your car cleverly, so that you don’t have to re-pack everything when it’s time to hit the hay. Furthermore, if you’re going to be putting down the back seats, you need to make sure there’s enough space for them to lie flat, otherwise it’s going to be an awkward sleeping position.

    Plan for Cold Temperatures

    Unfortunately, when the engine is off, there is simply no way of heating up the inside of your car (without running your battery flat). It can get surprisingly chilly throughout the night. Of course, this completely depends on where you are in the world and what kind of environments you’re used to camping in.

    As it’s coming to the winter anyway, we suggest that you invest in a thicker sleeping bag. While you are sleeping, you can wrap up warm in comfortable knit-wear. If you don’t have a sleeping bag handy, you can pin two blankets together, to wrap around you.

    Plan for Warmer Temperatures


    As well as being cold during the night, if you’re in a warmer climate, cars can get hot and stuffy quickly. The problem you have here is that letting the windows down can mean you’ll be attacked all night by bugs and insects.

    One of the best ways to enjoy having your window open all night is to use the lining material of a tent which prevents the mosquitos getting through. Secure this over your open windows and you should be able to enjoy a breeze through the night.

    Bring the Right Gear

    Although you don’t want to over pack your car, so that you have space, there are some essential items you should consider bringing. Not all of these will make your sleep more comfortable, however they can come in throughout the night or for extended road trips.

    • Torch (for going to the toilet during the night)
    • Duvet (for lying on) and pillow
    • Plenty of water
    • Flask or hot water bottle for warmth
    • Wipes or hand sanitizer
    • Watch (for when your phone runs out of battery!)
    • Sheets/screen for covering windows for privacy
    • Toilet roll

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