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    5 Effective Ways to Fight off Mosquitos

    We’ve all suffered this scenario before: you’ve planned an incredible camping trip away to a remote, wooded location.

    You finally set up camp, the sun is going down and you’re about to crack open your first beer. But, all you can think about are those pesky mosquitos who will not leave you alone long enough for you to enjoy a sip without slapping the side of your head. Soon, you’re driven inside the tent because it all gets too much.

    It’s a sad truth, mosquitos are out to get us. Fortunately for you, there are still some proven mosquito repellent techniques you’re yet to try.

    Choose the Wind

    Did you know, mosquitos find it pretty much impossible to fly in wind over 1mph? To us, that’s just a light, refreshing breeze. To a mosquito, that means game over.

    Try to position your campsite in an area which will suffer a constant breeze, like by the seaside. Alternatively, use a battery-powered fan and direct it to the lower half of your body. Those pesky bugs like to fly lower down in an attempt to avoid wind.

    Calm Down

    Have you ever noticed with wasps that the more you try to swat them away, the more the stick around? Well, the same is true for mosquitos and there’s science to back up why that happens.

    The more you move around and elevate your heart rate, the more CO2 your body produces. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the exact element mosquitos look for in identifying food. In fact, it’s not just your heart rate, but drinking alcohol and eating spicy food both also increase your carbon dioxide.

    Location, Location, Location

    Mosquitos love to buzz around standing water, like ponds and swamps, especially during warmer months. This is because there are plenty food sources for them there. By placing your camp near still water, you’re practically inviting them to dinner. So, if it’s a puddle, pond or marsh, avoid at all costs if you want to keep your sanity.

    Wear Protective Clothing

    It’s proven that mosquitos find it impossible to penetrate tightly woven clothes, like running leggings. For men, try wearing those stretch-feel sports tops. The more skin you can cover with this kind of material, the less chance you’re giving the bugs.

    Color Choices

    As well as detecting carbon dioxide to determine food sources, mosquitos also check out for colors during the day. Basically, anything that stands out from the horizon is food for a mosquito. If you try to blend in as much as possible, usually by wearing light colors like whites, then you’re giving yourself a better chance.

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