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    How a Widget Should Look on a Website

    A key element that makes Outdoor Hub Connect widgets different than most other widget builders is that when a user clicks on a title or an image within the widget itself, they are then shown a full read pop-out box instead of being sent to another website. Another important factor to keep in mind when designing your widget is that any user or other website may choose to share your branded content widget by embedding it within their website. Therefore it is important that you consider how your design fits not only into your website but also how your brand is represented if it is shared in other websites.

    At Outdoor Hub we believe it is wise to stick to your website’s color scheme when designing and customizing a widget. One reason for doing so is because it’s a natural viewing experience for users. A second reason is that for marketing purposes your brand will be best represented if shared in other websites. However, in order to increase visibility, and user interaction, it is advised that you do not blend the widget so seamlessly that content becomes hidden or less attractive. Some contrast between the widget and its surroundings is a great way to catch the user’s attention while maintaining your brand identity.

    As previously mentioned, a widget can be a superb way to achieve brand placement in other websites. Some widgets are solely designed for the purpose of mass adoption whereby the widget is embedded into multiple websites, thus the widget creator has control over content and design. Outdoor Hub Connect allows users to create widgets for any level of complexity. With a simple “what you see is what you get” user interface, you can easily change the various colors of objects within your widget. The more advanced widget builder will notice that we also provide you with the full base CSS. By making the CSS available you have the ability to change almost any design attributes within your widgets. If you are interested in fully branding your widget with a custom design but don’t have time or resources to build out the custom CSS you may contact Outdoor Hub for a quote on a design that’s perfect for you.

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