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    Top 7 ATV Camping Etiquette Tips

    Even though ATV camping takes you to some remote campsites in the back country there is still a need for proper etiquette. Therefore I have come up with what I believe to be the top 7 ATV camping etiquette tips.

    Stay on the Trail

    Getting to the campsite is half the fun when ATV camping in the back country. It is important that ATVs stay on established trails marked for ATV use. Responsible ATV riding and the use of the roads and ATV trails is every ATVers responsibility – stay on the trail.

    Leave No Trace

    The ideal way to end an ATV camping trip is leave the area better than you found it or no trace that you were ever there. Back country camping is all about getting back to nature. Nobody wants to find signs of other campers. Picking up after others and one’s self is part of the responsibility everyone needs to except when venturing into the back country.


    There is always the possibility someone else found your ideal campsite before you did. When planning your ATV camping adventure always look for several campsite options. Campsites should far enough away from each other for the privacy everyone expects from a back country campsite. By respecting others’ privacy, the back country camping experience can be enjoyed by everyone.

    Camping Sanitation

    Maintaining your health, personal comfort and the aesthetics of the back country is all part of proper camping sanitation. This is so important especially if you are the camp chef. Proper camping sanitation also allows you to properly leave no trace.

    Proper Tent Spacing

    Spacing everyone’s tents properly at the campsite helps everyone enjoy a good night’s sleep. Snoring and other bodily noises can disrupt the sleep of others and makes for grumpy campers in the morning. If you are prone to these types of noises setup your tent far enough from others so they don’t have to listen to your nightly orchestra.


    Everyone enjoys sitting around a good campfire at night in the back country. Bonfires are overkill and a major hazard. Try to use existing firepits. If there is no firepit then dig a proper one (if campfires are permitted). Use only fallen trees and branches in the area for firewood, do not cut down any trees without the proper permission. When you break camp bury all of the ashes, fill in the pit and make the area look like it did before if not better.

    Respect the Wildlife

    Remember, when you are ATV camping you are a visitor in natures back yard. When it comes to the local wildlife do not feed them or encourage them into the campsite by not properly storing your food. Also they have to continue living there long after you are gone so do not damage their environment.

    ATV camping etiquette ensures everyone has an enjoyable back country camping experience. Do you have some back country camping etiquette tips I may have missed. Leave your comments, I would love to hear them.

    Photo: Jess Sloss (flickr user slosssjess)

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