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    How To Use Lotion To Stay Warm In The Winter

    When the time comes to venture out in the cold this winter, take a page from the women and help stay warm on those cold winter excursions. Most men are unfamiliar with lotion, sticking with a razor, toothbrush, and bar of soap as their only hygienic accessories, but lotion has a definite added benefit for outdoorsman in the cold: insulation.

    Put lotion on hands, feet, and face prior to gearing up to head outside on those cold winter trips. A layer of the slick stuff, even when rubbed into the skin completely acts as an insulator and helps maintain heat better than without it.

    I thought this tip was not likely to produce when I first heard it but I tried it before an icy trip through the steelhead stream. I was amazed at how much more comfortable and warm the areas stayed and I do it ritually ever since. Lotion also helps prevent damage to skin from chafing and windburn, which can get especially nasty after repeated trips outside. So for all of you who enjoy ice fishing, going snowshoeing, or any other winter activities, try putting on some lotion the next time you head out into the frosty outdoors.

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