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    Rock Climbing Tips, How To Overcome Your Fears

    Rock climbing can be an extremely difficult challenge that can confront your fears all at once. Overcoming these fears can be done if you follow a few key tips and tricks when climbing. For some first time climbers all they use are their arms. This is hypothetically the wrong way to do it. You want to use all of your body parts at once to help yourself get to the top. Picture your body as an X and your stomach is the middle of the X. Always move your legs higher first then push-off with your legs to reach up. Putting your arms up first will just put more strain on your arms and make you a lot slower, quicker.

    Watch the area that you are trying to defeat first. You don’t want to look at the top as the ultimate goal. Break the climb up into pieces and once you make it to one section, start over again as if you were at the bottom. If the fear of heights really bothers you, never look down past your feet. Concentrate on looking at where you are placing your feet rather than where your feet have already been.

    Over gripping is another issue that you want to avoid. If you grip to hard on a ledge this will make your arms tired a lot faster than they would be if you were using softer grips. When climbing, use littler holds to get to larger ones. You want to take smaller steps rather than one huge one. This will make you more relaxed and help you not become as tired as fast.

    If you stay relaxed and do not hurry through a course, you will be just fine. One of the reasons why a person would not be able to finish a course physically is because of injury or because they are too tired. You can prevent both but becoming tired is easiest to prevent. Take your time and be as swift and relaxed as you can be with your movements.

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