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    How To Maintain Your Boat’s Appearance

    Boating can be a very fun hobby for fishing, water sports, and much more. Keeping your boat in the best condition will help make your time spent in the outdoors more fun. If you do not take care of your boat you will lose years off its life and could potentially put yourself and others in danger. There are simple tips for maintaining that perfect shine on your new boat.

    -Every time that you come off of the water, rinse the boat with freshwater. If you were in salt water, make sure to rinse off all the salt before you let it dry. The salt will eat away the paint and will make the boat rust. Also, in any environment, make sure that you wash off any debris that is stuck on your boat. Get all of the materials that may be stuck in the motor out at this time, also.

    -Washing the boat with marine soap is very important. This will help protect your boat from encounters you may run in to. Use a soft sponge with marine soap to wash the exterior of your boat. Do not use a brush to do this. It could potentially harm the boats finish. You should use biodegradable pH-balanced marine soap to do all washing.

    -Dry the boat with a soft cloth. Using a well used towel may have residue on it and could scratch your boat.

    -Also, protect the inside of your boat. Use an upholstery treatment to maintain the upholstery on your boat. Also, clean the windows after every time out to get off any water spots that may have had water spash up onto them. Do this with your typical window cleaner that you would use in your house.

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