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    Backpacking Essentials, How to Pack Light for Backpacking and Hiking

    When going backpacking or hiking you always want to pack the essentials by not over packing. The most important things to pack and to keep nice when you are hiking are what you are going to sleep on and what you will be wearing. Having a good pair of hiking boots can solve lots of problems especially in bad weather conditions. Keeping your clothing and sleeping bag warm and out of harm’s way of water is a must when backpacking and hiking. If those items get wet, get them airing out as soon as you can to dry them out and to make sure your night’s sleep is dry and warm.

    When backpacking most of the time you may not know the area you are in. Have a map of the area on hand at all times. Mark the map with what you see to remind you later if you pass by that area again. A compass is an important tool when exploring through the outdoors. Knowing what direction you are headed will help with reading the map and finding an end destination.

    You also want to bring the right essentials and pack them in the right pockets. If you continue to place an item in the same pocket, it will become natural to grab for that item without having to think about where it is. This will also help you not lose as many items.

    Packing your backpack can also cause struggles if you do not do it properly. Balancing everything out is the key. You only pack the essentials to make sure your load is light enough for you to carry. Pack food, clothes, and cooking supplies. Pack your heaviest gear closest to your back. This will help for support and won’t put as much strain on your back. If you have hard cornered supplies in your pack, put a shirt or piece of clothing between your back and the supplies. Place other items of lesser weight around the

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