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    How To Stay Warm When Camping Out, Tips and Tricks

    Many people go on hikes and all they worry about is how to keep warm or cool during the hike rather than paying attention to how they will do it when sleeping. They temperatures can change drastically from what they were during the hike to 4:00 in the morning. The main key is to layer up but don’t do it to the extent that you will be sweating when you go to sleep. If you sweat right away when you are going to sleep, you may not realize it then but you add to the vapor content in your sleeping bag or onto your clothing. When the temperature drops, that vapor will chill as the temperature goes down and it will cause your body temperature to drop, also. Depending on the conditions, you can potentially put yourself at great risk of a cold related injury. Follow these steps to make your stay in the outdoors the best that it can be.

    • It may seem like a good idea to cover your head with your sleeping bag to cause your head from getting to cold, but don’t do this. It will cause vapor to get inside of your bag and it will loose insulating qualities.
    • If you end up getting wet during the day, take those clothes off and put on new ones. Hang the wet ones out to dry and in the morning put the dirty clothes back on. This will help make sure that you are sleeping in dry, warm clothes every night. It is ten times better to be moving and wet rather than sleeping and wet.
    • Airing out your sleeping bag everyday is a good idea. Airing it out to release the mustiness will help keep it dry.
    • When starting the preparation for a hunt that you will be walking a long ways for or hiking during the winter, spray your feet three times during that first week with an aluminum chlorohydrate antiperspirant and after that first week, once a week. It will stop your feet from getting as wet and sweaty as they would before leading to the prevention of foot coldness. Also, rub your hands with Hand Sense. It will help keep your hands dry and warm inside your gloves.
    • Carry a fire starting utensil anywhere you go. You never know when you may get lost and need to start a fire for protection and warmth.

    Camping out can be a lot of fun if you prepare for anything that you may be hit with. Use common sense when packing and remember to use all of your resources when camping out.

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