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    How To Be Prepared For Desert Survival

    In a desert survival and evasion situation, it is unlikely that you will have a medic or medical supplies with you to treat heat injuries. Therefore, take extra care to avoid heat injuries. Rest during the day. Work during the cool evenings and nights. Use a buddy system to watch for heat injury, and observe the following guidelines:

    Make sure you tell someone where you are going and when you will return.

    Watch for signs of heat injury. If someone complains of tiredness or wanders away from the group, he may be a heat casualty.

    Drink water at least once an hour.

    Get in the shade when resting; do not lie directly on the ground.

    Do not take off your shirt and work during the day.

    Check the color of your urine. A light color means you are drinking enough water, a dark color means you need to drink more.


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