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    How To Improve the First Camping Trip of Summer

    For most outdoor enthusiasts north of the 38th parallel camping takes a hiatus from October – April.  And like most people, if the camping stuff is out of site, it’s out of mind, until the weather turns warm again.  When heading out for the first time of the season, be sure you’re going out after a quick check of your supplies.  Does the tent have a tear in it?  If you cook with propane are your tanks full, are the matches still good?  Did all the items get washed before they were put away last fall?  Are the batteries in any item still good after the winter?  Do yourself a favor – take 10-20 minutes a couple of days before your outing and run through your gear.  And if your married with two little kids like me, you’ll be glad you did when you get to the camp site after driving from work and you can set up camp and relax in mother nature while the kids gorge on smores.

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