4 Tips For Mountain Biking Beginners

    mountain bike beginners

    Mountain biking is an awesome sport. It provides a lot of the same downhill thrills as skiing, however, it also provides a unique sporting experience. If you have never tried mountain biking, then you may be amazed at how much fun it can be. Here are some great tips for you if you are thinking about trying out mountain biking.

    Always wear a helmet

    There are no exceptions to this rule. Regardless of the difficulty level of the trail you are on and  whether you are going fast or slow, you always need to wear a helmet when you are mountain biking. Safety always comes first. You never know when you will fall and need your head to be protected.

    Go with experienced riders

    The benefit of going mountain biking with experienced riders is that they can give you tips and you can watch their form and copy it. It is far easier to copy someone else’s motions than to try to figure them all out yourself.

    Wear a hydration pack and bring snacks

    Mountain biking burns a lot of calories and will also make you thirsty. If you wear a hydration pack on your back, then you can drink on the go. Fill the pack with water or your favorite sports drink. Also, pack some granola bars or trail mix so that you can eat on the trail or the chairlift too.

    Start out on easier trails

    When you are just starting out, you really need to stay on the easier trails. By sticking to the easier trails, you can get used to all of the body motions and skills that are required to mountain bike successfully. Then, once you have mastered them, you can move onto the harder trails. But don’t rush, because it does take some time to get good at mountain biking.

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