Incredible Cliff Jumping Spots For Daredevils

    cliff jumping

    For some people, hiking and camping is not enough; they need something more to get the adrenaline pumping. Cliff jumping is one of the best ways for daredevils to get their dose of adrenaline. They launch themselves off of a cliff into a pool of water below and experience a glorious few seconds of freefall before they hit the water. Here are some of the best places to go cliff jumping in the world.

    Playa Forti, Curacao

    Playa Forti is a location in the country of Curacao, near the city of WIllemstad. At this location, there is a forty-foot cliff that has become a magnet for cliff jumpers from around the world. Every year, thousands of people flock to this location to launch themselves from the cliff into the beautiful blue waters below. If you like cliff jumping, then this is the absolute perfect location to do it.

    Diving Board Island, Bermuda

    Diving Board Island in Bermuda is an excellent cliff jumping spot that is located on a small island in Bermuda. This island is only accessible by boat. As the name of the island suggests, it is a great place for diving and cliff jumping This is because there are natural cliffs on the edge of this island that range from about 10 to 40 feet high. So, this is a great place to work your way up to higher and higher cliffs. We highly recommend checking out this little island if cliff jumping is your thing.

    Laie Point, Hawaii

    This cliff jumping location was made famous by the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. In this movie, the main character, Peter tries to jump off the cliff, only to get too scared and cling onto the wall before he eventually flings himself out into the water. You can go to this famous spot yourself and jump off the 30-foot cliff. However, just make sure that you try not to do water Peter did in the movie!

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