Great Workouts for Rock Climbers

    workouts for rock climbers

    For rock climbers, being strong, physically fit, and agile are extremely important for success. After all, it takes a lot of muscle strength and endurance to get all the way up the face of a rock wall. So, here are some great workouts for rock climbers to help them improve their strength and endurance.


    Pull-ups are arguably the most important exercise for rock climbers to do. This is because they really work your biceps, triceps, and fingers, all of which need to be strong for rock climbing. To get the most out of your pull-ups, you should have your hands facing away from you. These are more challenging and will provide a better workout. You can also use a hangboard for pull-ups if you have one or have access to one.


    The reason why squats are such a great workout for rock climbers is because they really help to make your legs stronger. Rock climbers need to have strong legs because the legs are used to move the climber up the wall. Squats will help to strengthen your glutes, quads and calves. You can hold dumbbells in your hands to make the squats more challenging.

    Hanging Leg Lifts

    To do this exercise, hang by your hands from a hangboard or a chin-up bar. Then use your core to pull your legs so that they are facing straight ahead. This will be a major challenge to your core and will help to strengthen your abs tremendously. The core is used very heavily in rock climbing. So, it needs to be strong. This is one exercise that will make a dramatic amount of difference in core strength. The hanging motion is also good practice for rock climbers because it replicates the sensation of hanging from a ledge or a cliff – something that rock climbers have to deal with frequently.


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