3 Amazing Rock Climbing Locations in New England

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    Spring is right around the corner. As a result, many rock climbers are starting to collect their gear and look for great rock climbing spots to explore. If you live in New England, or if you are looking for a great climbing spot in the northeastern United States, then you are in luck. This is because there are some excellent climbing spots in this region. Here are 3 absolutely amazing rock climbing locations in New England.

    White Horse Ledge, North Conway, New Hampshire

    White Horse Ledge is a spectacular climbing spot that overlooks a beautiful river and a spectacular New Hampshire landscape. If you are someone who loves a good view of nature when you are climbing, then this is an ideal spot. White Horse Ledge has a number of different climbs available with a wide range of pitches. So no matter whether you are an advanced climber or a beginner, there is an option for you.

    Acadia National Park, Maine

    This climbing location is a must for all rock climbers in the New England area. At Acadia National Park, there are steep cliffs that just right out from the ocean. The cliffs are extremely beautiful and will provide you with a climbing experience unlike any other in the northeastern United States. Otter Cliffs, the Wall of Champlain Mountain, and Great Head are all excellent places to climb in the park.

    Upper West, Bolton, Vermont

    Like New Hampshire and Maine, Vermont also has some solid rock climbing. The Upper West location in Bolton is one of Vermont’s finest walls. Upper West has a number of great climbs including Fresh Meat, Chockstone Trad, and the Rose Trad. The highest of these climbs is Chockstone Trad, which is one hundred and ten feet high. Upper West is known for its beautiful quartz veins that provide for good crimps.


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