What is Snowkiting and How do I Try It?

    ski kitting

    Over the years, many winter sports have been invented by man. Snowkiting is just one of the crazy things that we humans like to do for fun in the winter. Snowkiting is a sport that is very similar to kite surfing. It involves a person on either skis or a snowboard strapping themselves to a kite and using the kite to propel them forward across a snow-covered surface.

    Snowkites harness the power of the wind to generate speed for the snowkiter. With snowkiting, people can actually achieve speeds that are similar to downhill skiing, depending on how strong the wind is. Snowkiting can be a lot of fun and is a good athletic challenge for those of us who are athletically inclined.

    The cool thing about snowkiting, and the reason why so many people try it is because you can actually fly through the air when you are snowkiting. If you hit a jump, or even if you just encounter a strong wind, you can be propelled high into the air. This may be scary for beginners, however, it is the ultimate adrenaline rush for advanced snowkiters.

    To try snowkiting, you should start out with a smaller, and less intense snowkite. The smaller snowkites pick up less wind and thus are less likely to suddenly jut you high into the air. You should also start on a flat surface such as a wide open field or a frozen lake. Starting with an instructor is the best way to begin this dangerous sport. The more tips your instructor can give you the better.

    However, no matter how much preparation you have, you are just going to have to strap yourself in and give it a try if you want to be a snowkiter. If you do try it, good luck! It can be a whole lot of fun if you do it right.


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