Tips for Learning How to Ski Backwards

    ski backwards

    Skiing backwards is required for many advanced tricks, and it is something that many skiers want to be able to do. However, skiing backwards is significantly more difficult than skiing forwards. There are a number of reasons why this is the case. For example, if you are skiing backwards, you have to look over your shoulder to see down the mountain instead of just looking straight ahead. Here are some great tips for you if you are trying to learn how to ski backwards.

    Always use twin-tip skis

    Twin-tip skis are rounded and raised at the back. This makes them ideal for skiing backward because the back end of the skis will not get stuck in the snow as you go down the trail. Instead the snow will go safely under the ski, just as it does when you ski forwards.

    Do not cross your skis

    If you cross your skis while you are skiing backwards, then you will most likely fall. This is because crossing your skis typically causes you to lose your grip on the trail and will throw you off balance. So try to never do this.

    Use the pizza wedge to slow down

    Just as people who are learning to slow down while skiing forward use the pizza wedge, so too should you use the pizza wedge to slow down if you are skiing backwards. However, just make sure that you angle the back of your skis into the pizza wedge, not the front. Otherwise, you will definitely fall.

    Bend your knees

    If you keep your knees bent, then it will help you to keep your balance while you move down the trail. This is opposed to standing straight up. If you stand straight up, then your center of gravity will be too high and you will fall more easily. So, keep your knees bent to maintain optimal balance and to reduce your chance of falling.

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